Zimmer|Glime “Real Estate Minute” ~ Items That Shouldn’t Be On Display in Your Listed Home

In this week’s Zimmer|Glime “Real Estate Minute”, Associate Broker Amy Zimmer discusses items that shouldn’t be on display in your listed home. When preparing your home for sale, it seems like common sense to keep it clean, decluttered and ready for showings. However, there are some additional housekeeping items you may have overlooked, or underestimated in importance to maintain your privacy and security while your home essentially becomes a public viewing space. Here are some suggestions and reminders to help keep sensitive documents and items tucked away. These precautions will make you feel more comfortable as strangers wander through your home and also cut on distractions for potentials buyers as they should be focusing on envisioning themselves living in house as their own place. Check out the video for tips to give you peace of mind when your home is being shown… #homes #homeselling #homeseller #homeowner #savvyseller #househunting #security #peaceofmind #showings #safety #zimmerglimerealestate #hallandhunter #christiesinternationalrealestate #leadingrelocal #realestate #useaRealtor #christieshomes #yourrealtorsintheknow #luxurytoleases


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