Zimmer|Glime “Real Estate Minute” ~ Buying A Home With Good Resale Value

In this week’s Zimmer|Glime “Real Estate Minute”, Associate Broker Amy Zimmer discusses how the time to think about selling your home is the day you decide to buy one. While it might seem premature to think about selling a home before you even buy it, it's important to remember that a house is an investment. And in an ideal world, you want your investments make money. That said, resale value should be an important consideration when house hunting. If you buy a home with a good resale value, it should be fairly easy to sell if and when that time comes. However, some homebuyers never consider resale value when they buy. This factor shouldn't supersede your must-have requirements, but if you do your best to analysis and predict how the house you're buying—and it’s neighborhood—will appeal to forthcoming buyers, then your future-self may benefit in the long run. Check out the video for some basic indicators of a home with good resale value … #homes #homebuying #homebuyer #homeowner #savvybuyer #homeselling #homeseller #savvyseller #househunting #resalevalue #knowyourmarket #investment #zimmerglimerealestate #hallandhunter #christiesinternationalrealestate #leadingrelocal #realestate #useaRealtor #christieshomes #yourrealtorsintheknow #luxurytoleases


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