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Zimmer|Glime Real Estate “Home Tip of the Week ~ Hiring a Home Builder“

In this week’s Zimmer|Glime “Home Tip of the Week”, Associate Broker Amy Zimmer discusses hiring a home builder. Finding a builder is actually the first thing you should do when building a home—before you buy land and before you draw up plans. A builder will estimate the true cost of the home you want to build. You will want someone who communicates well, listens and understands your vision, has a stellar reputation and a trail of happy clients with beautiful homes. An experienced homebuilder will help you every step of the way—from planning the design, coordinating with an architect, handling permitting, and helping you set a budget to keeping the project on track. But how do you find this key team player? Check out this video to learn more… @zimmerglimerealestate #homes #househunters #homebuilding #hometip #zimmerglimerealestate #hallandhunter #christiesinternationalrealestate #leadingrelocal #realestate #useaRealtor #christieshomes #yourrealtorsintheknow #luxurytoleases


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